About Us

Birth Defects Lawyers is a market leader in innovation and client advocacy.

Birth Defects Lawyers is a Top 10 Personal Injury legal practice in Canada, with over 55 years of expertise in the field.

About Us

Our clients come first at Birth Defects Lawyers. Looking forward after being injured in an accident might be challenging. It’s critical to locate experts that will support you, elevate you, and lead you through the challenges ahead. When confronted with life-altering injuries, Birth Defects Lawyers provides the soft touch and care your family needs.

We’ve assisted customers with decency, respect, and trustworthy expertise since 1962. Birth Defects Lawyers is an award-winning industry leader in neuro-trauma (brain injuries), spinal cord injuries, and significant orthopedic injuries and has been recognized as a pioneer in our profession.

Birth Defects Lawyers is committed to empowering and supporting non-profit groups and causes in our community, some of which were started by our past clients. Giving back is very important to us, so we consistently fund yearly conferences, symposia, and social events for medical and disabled-related groups and charities.

With a medical professional on staff, Birth Defects Lawyers stay with our clients after the settlement is reached, assisting them in adjusting to their new situation.

Users Feedback

A million things may happen in a split second. I never dreamed anything like this would happen to me, let alone determining who would be the best lawyer to represent me, who is ready to battle beside me for the happiness I desire once again, for what I feel is right. Birth Defects Personal Injury Lawyers provided me with that certainty.
After our baby's tragic birth damage, the Birth Defects Lawyers team was there for us every step of the way. We were comforted by our attorneys' extensive knowledge and competence, as well as their genuine concern for our family, during one of the most terrible moments of our life. They're incredible, and we can't suggest them highly enough!
When I came to them with my case, the attorneys at Birth Defects Lawyers were beneficial and sympathetic. They handled everything professionally and assertively, always putting my best interests first. I'm delighted with the results and would refer them to any of my friends or family members.
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